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Thank you for visiting our site.  Our company is a residential design and build firm.  We work in many Oakland and Macomb county locations.  As a design and build firm we are able to help you and your Realtor make good site selection choices if you are building new or help you see opportunity for value-increasing renovations if you are considering buying an existing home which needs work.

Once you have a home or site we will help you do the complete design work from survey through finished architectural plans quickly and affordably.  We can then complete the construction of your home or renovation in a timely organized manner.  While we are designing we are constantly looking for opportunities to save money without sacrificing quality either behind the walls where you don't see it or aesthetically which is all important.  

We know that images and photos speak volumes.  This site started out with over 800 images of our work with new images being added every week.  You will see examples of our architecture, examples of floor plans for new homes and floor plans for renovations.  You will also see images and photos of home exteriors, both new homes and renovations.  Moving to the interiors of homes we have designed and renovated you can look through photos of our work organized by each area of a house as well as type of finished work detail. 

We build in every area of Oakland and Macomb County including Orchard Lake, Sylvan Lake, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Village, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Poppleton Park, Franklin, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Rochester, Troy, Washington Township, Macomb and many other communities. 

Designing and building homes is an exciting process.  We enjoy working with clients to provide them with home plans which make their life more enjoyable.  Watching a new home be built, watching it take shape or watching an existing home be transformed is a pleasure.  It can be done without stress.  It can be done on time.  It can be done within budget.  It is a matter of careful planning and teamwork between you and us.    

If you would like have a preliminary discuss with us to understand the cost, timing and process of building or renovating, please call us.  We’ll be happy to meet with you on a no obligation basis to help answer some of your basic questions.  Please feel free to call any of us on the design team:


Rick Wiand - 248-766-2275

Todd Bergsman - 248-761-6605

Jonathan Nichovich – 248-644-4910



We are located near downtown Birmingham at 36240 Woodward Avenue.  We work throughout southeast Michigan in the following areas:


Bloomfield Hills

Beverly Hills

Bingham Farms

Orchard Lake

Huntington Woods


Poppleton Park

Ouarton Lake

Bloomfield Township

Bloomfield Village

West Bloomfield

Pleaant Ridge



Sylvan Lake


Farmington Hills

Royal Oak


And many other Oakland County, Macomb County and Southeast Michigan communities.