Architects, Builders, Remodelers

Question # 3.  How do we get started and what are the steps to get us to a

finished new home or renovated house.


Q. How do you control cost?


Q. Can you help us find a building site?


Q. Do you have house plans and home designs we can see?


Q. Why do you do both the design and build work?


Q.  Do you have references?


Q.  What style homes can you design plans for and build?


Q.  How do we figure out what will give us the best return for our money?


That's the best question anyone concerned about eventually selling should ask.


The short answer is great design, a great floor plan and well done, appropriate

finishes regardle



Q.  How much experience does you company have?


Q. Who is WC and HRH?


Q.  Tell me about green building?


Q.  Basement finishing?


Q. Do I need to find a landscaper?


Q.  Explain how you do QC.


Q.  How do I understand house plans? 


As designers, architects and builders we make the mistake of thinking everyone

understands how to read floor plans.  That's just not the case.  So here are


Q.  What do you think makes a customer happy?


Moving in on time.

Being kept informed

Being told the truth immediately.

Staying in budget.



Q. What are the anxiety issued related to a new home or project.




When do we start

Is this going to be built well

Is this going to be built as planned

The roof leaks

I got a lien notice - no but you    

        think you did

Water is in my basement

So many decisions to make

You are telling me to call the

    movers and I am saying know

    way you'll be done.


Q.  Financing?

Q.  Appraisal issues?