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Explaining the cost of building a new home it’s a lot easier than giving a straight answer for a renovation. 

Explain the differences in infrastructure.  When we talk about infrastructure we are talking about the things that you never see because they are behind the drywall.  But they effect the way you house feels and how comfortable you are in it. 

Here are some examples:

Floor joists – Here are two pictures of floor joists.  They were the framing between the lower level and first floor or the first and second floor etc.  The International Building Code which most cities in Michigan require us to follow Here’s a chart for BUILDING COSTS PER SQ. FT .which will give you a ballpark idea of what it costs to carefully design, plan and build a new home.   The chart shows cost ranges.    You can certainly build a home for a little less per square foot than we are showing.  But the quality of the infrastructure and the level of finishes would probably not be consistent with the area in which you were building.


As you look at the cost chart for new homes you are going to be asking why there is a cost range.  It is because of the interior and exterior finishes you select.  It is almost all is there a range of costs?  It is almost entirely due to the finish selections you would make, the discretionary decisions you make when designing you home with us.  For a new home we can show you a table of costs that is a rant of

 a it’s pretty easy to answer that question lot easier to answer than question than if y

will cost?  It's a reasonable and fair question.


It's easier to answer for a new home.  Here's a chart that gives you a range of

cost per square foot.  The costs cover a range which is largely determined by

finish selects - cabinets, trim and built-in details, amount of wood floors,

plumbing fixtures, etc.  There is also a bit of variation because of size.  A

very small home costs a little more per foot than a large home finished with the

same finish details.  That's because the a larger percentage of the smaller home

is allocated to kitchens, baths and laundry which are more expensive per foot.


Bu the way, all the homes shown in the cost chart would be finish in a manner

which are consistent with quality homes in the greater Bham/Bloomfield area.


So let's talk about renovations.  Costs for renovations are easy to define for a

specific home but hard to generalize.  Why?  No two renovations are ever the

same.  .....explain